Is 3 inch dorsal claw length too short?

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Current recommendations for the length of the dorsal hoof wall after trimming range from 60 to 85 mm; the most common recommendation being 75 mm. A British research study that examined internal claw structure using x-ray computed tomography (CT scan) suggests that the minimum external dorsal claw length recommendation should be increased to at least 90 mm for Holstein-Friesian cows over 4 years of age and at least 85 mm for younger cows.


Can breeding improve hoof health?

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Although housing and management practices play a dominant role in dairy cattle hoof health, genetics can influence the incidence and severity of lesions. A preliminary analysis of hoof lesion data collected in 3 Canadian provinces suggests that it may be possible to use this type of data in genetic selection. A project is currently underway to investigate the possibility of incorporating data collected electronically by hoof trimmers into the Canadian national DHI database. This would facilitate the collection of the large quantities of data required to accurately calculate breeding values for hoof health traits.

Non-healing white line disease on the lateral claw of a right hindlimb before treatment.

How to treat non-healing claw lesions

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Non-healing (nh) bovine hoof horn lesions, characterized by penetration of the horn capsule and association with white line disease (nhWLD) and sole ulcers (nhSU) are frequently encountered in dairy herds endemically affected by digital dermatitis (DD). Lesions of this type are associated with more severe lameness, often leading to claw amputation or slaughter and they respond poorly to standard DD treatment. Researchers in Austria recently described a successful therapy for such lesions.