Two Excellent Lameness Prevention Webinars

By Steve Mason on

Dr. Ernest Hovingh, an Extension Veterinarian at Penn State University, has contributed 2 excellent webinars on dairy cattle lameness to the large volume of dairy extension resources offered by the US Cooperative Extension System (

In the first (Lameness, Hoof, and Leg Issues in Dairy Cattle), Dr. Hovingh discusses some of the main causes of lameness and reviews some ways to prevent production & well-being concerns.

The second webinar (Can I Really Prevent My Cows from Becoming Lame?) focuses on a number of best management practices that farms can utilize to try to minimize the number of cows that become lame including not only identifying and dealing with lame cows in the herd, but trying to prevent new cases from occurring in the first place.

These webinars utilize Adobe Connect technology which allows them to be viewed on any computer or mobile device without requiring the installation of additional software other than Adobe Flash Player.

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  1. Little information is available to identify what role protein might play in the development of lameness. Several postulations involve allergic histaminic reactions to certain types of proteins or a link between high protein supplementation and protein degradation end products. Table 3 list guidelines for protein levels in dairy cattle diets.

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