A Multi-Platform Lesion Identification App

By Steve Mason on

Users of Hoof Supervisor® (HS) lesion recording software have an excellent pictorial, touch-screen based system for selecting hoof lesions, based on the claw zone where they appear. For others wanting to identify and deal with a lesion they see on inspection of a hoof, a web- or mobile phone-based lesion selector similar to that used in the HS system will be helpful. After choosing the zone where the lesion is seen, the lesions commonly found in that zone are listed. By examining photos of each of those candidate lesions, the user can decide on which lesion (s)he is seeing. A detailed ‘Causes, Prevention and Treatment’ section for each lesion should help in the development an action plan to deal with the issue.
The web-based application is available here.

QR code for downloading smartphone Lesion ID app
A beta-test mobile app version for Android smartphones and tablets can be downloaded directly to those devices by capturing the QR code on the right using any QR code reader app. After downloading the app, pull down the notifications area of your device, tap on the LesionID notification (HoofLesionID-debug.apk) to initiate installation of the app, then accept all prompts to install.

Since this is a beta-test version of the app, your feedback would be appreciated. Please let us know how the app worked for you submitting a comment below.

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