Hoof Supervisor computer mounted chute-side

How I Use Computer Technology in my Hoof Care Business

By Jamie Sullivan on

Most of my larger herds prefer to have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointment. That is why I decided, as a hoof trimmer, I needed to help in the record-keeping department and decided to invest in a “chute-side” computer system to record the cows trimmed and the lesions observed on the hooves. Now, at the end of the trim session, there are detailed individual cow reports and easy-to-read herd summaries.

Cows perched in free stalls

Moving the Neck Rail Helps Lame Cows Recover

By Steve Mason on

A study at the University of BC showed how neck rail placement affects cows’ ability to stand in their stalls. The closer the neck rail was to the rear curb, the more time cows spent standing with only the front hooves in the stall and the less time they were able to stand with all 4 hooves in the stall. When cows were housed with the neck rails at 190 cm, gait score improved; at 130 cm, gait score worsened.